While the Bots main feature is a honor/ranking system, Kudos also comes with a bunch of features for reminders, server calls and options for automated tasks and features.


Kudos Economy

Honor your friends and/or helpful people! You can give/take 7 honor per day! There are leader boards and balances!
It is a global economy, so your balance is the same on all servers.

Server Group Calls

You don't want to have that many private group calls? (because of spam, call sound, mess)
Our solution is a server voice channel where you can send an invitation to all members of the call! Automatically by joining or by command!
Spam protection included. You can add whole roles and single users.

Automatic Responses

Configure the bot to respond to certain messages! It can send pictures, reactions, messages and an honor panel!
It uses "*" at begin or end as wildcard.


You can create reminders for birthdays, sleep times, when your food is ready and so on! Easy to use with timespans or exact time!

Anonymous Questions

Ask a question completely anonymous! The bot will send your question to the receiver and the answer to you!



answer [p|questionId] [t|message]answers anonymous question
ask [u|answerer] [t|message]asks anonymous question


dishonor [u|honoredUser] [n|count?(1)]removes honor points for user
honor [u|honoredUser] [n|count?(1)] [t|message?()]adds honor points for user
leaders [s|time?(0)]shows the most highly honored people of the server
balance [u|user?(auto)]shows the honor point balance


delete [n|count?(1)]deletes messages in the channel


helloanswers hello
helpshows all commands
say [t|text]says whatever you write behind say
pingshows the last pings
votesends our vote links


react [t|text]reacts with letters to latest message


delreminder [p|reminderId]delete a reminder by id from reminders
remember [d|end] [t|message] [c|messageChannel?] [s|repeat?(0)]sets a reminder, can be repeated
reminderslist of all your reminders

Server Group Calls

addgrouprole [r|addedRole]adds a role to the current call group
addgroupuser [u|addedUser]adds a user to the current call group
autogroup [b|auto?(True)]the group members will be notified automatically when one group member enters the channel
creategroup [b|auto?(False)]creates a call group in your current channel
groupinfo [n|groupNumber]gives information about a specific group
listgroupslists all groups on the current server
deletegroupdeletes the call group in your current channel
invitegroupsends a dm to all group members to invite them to join your channel
removegrouprole [r|removedRole]removes a role from the current call group
removegroupuser [u|removedUser]removes a user from the current call group


gs [w|setting] [t|value?] [t|key?]change guild settings
s [w|setting] [t|value?] [t|key?]change settings
gsresetresets guild settings
sresetresets personal settings
settingsshows all settings
svalue [w|setting]shows the current value of the setting (this shows the used value (user settings override server settings))


prefix [t|value]sets a new prefix (default: k!)
autoresponses [b|value]activates/deactivates automatic responses (default: True)
autoreact [e|value] [t|key]Reacts with Emote [value] when someone writes [key]
autoimage [t|value] [t|key]Sends image with url [value] when someone writes [key]
automessage [t|value] [t|key]Sends message with text [value] when someone writes [key]
autohonor [t|value]Reacts with a honor message (honor without command) when someone writes [value] and mentions a user
honorchannel [c|value]a channel where all honor transactions of your guild will be displayed with the according message (only for guilds) (default: )
timezone [z|value]sets your timezone to interpret times correctly (default: 0)
inchannelinvites [b|value]send server group call invites to you if you already are in the call (or started it) (default: False)


set prefix server wide k!gs prefix "kudos!"
unset(to default) prefix personal k!s prefix
set autoreact for messages ending with haha to 😂 personal k!s autoreact "😂" "*haha"
unset automessage for messages starting with haha server wide k!gs automessage - "haha*"

How To

type is the type of the parameter
name is the name of the parameter
? means it's an optional parameter
default is the default value (used when no value is given)

For example:

honor [u|honoredUser] [n|count?(1)]
"u" means the first parameter is a user
"honorUser" is the name of the first parameter
"n" means the second parameter is a number
"count" is the name of the second parameter
"?" tells it's optional so you don't have to give a number
"1" is the value that will be used if you don't send the optional parameter


e an emoji
r a role mention
s a timespan in format 30d24h59m59s (also 40d2s)
u a user mention or @username#number
n a number
z a timezone (-12 - 12)
d a date in format "31.12.2020 23:59:59 +365d24h60m60s" with every part optional ("31.12 +2h",23:59,3.4.2023,+4h)
w a word
c a text channel mention
p a positive number
b true or false
t a text (use `=` at the beginning to use no embed)

Privacy Policy

Kudos only stores data about you, if you use its commands yourself or an other user (mostly server admins) uses a command to add your account to a feature (for instance server group calls). Kudos only stores the data thats needed to execute the commands correctly. This includes your discord-id, your user and nickname and messages for anonymous messages. Kudos also stores parts of messages that effect the bot (commands or messages that are configured for automatic behaviours) if an error occurs, so the error can be fixed easier.

Kudos Beta

For more recent features and updates make sure to invite Kudos - Beta to your Server